Professional outlook

I have Dr. degree at administration and M.Sc. at technology. Currently I am adjunct professor at Lapland University and EVP at Mcompetence.

I have done my doctoral thesis name “The Tacit Signal Method in Effective Human- based Organization Performance Development”. Thesis is based on tacit signal measurement innovation which is approved at international scientific forum (Encyclopedia of HRIS 2008) and awarded at TIIM 2009 conference Best-Paper Award.

As a non-fiction writer I have written three books dealing with organization performance development, latest published at 2010 “Strategic human capital performance management”. I am specialized at organization tacit knowledge measurement and human capital performance development and analyzing. One of the freeware tools that I created along my thesis is the HCROI scenarioanalyzing that calculate business outcome that can be achieved with certain human capital utilization. In this calculation the human capital includes both tangible resources and intangible human assets, which can be measured by using  tacit signal QWL measurement.

Right now my research is focused on  HRM-Performance and human capital production function.

  1. Dear Merko, My name is Cobi Bitton, the CEO of Integritas People & Business, serving business development consultancy services to various businesses i9n Israel and abroad which few are from the HR world. I would like to know of you are going to attend HRTECH WORLD in London 21-22 of March. If you do or if possible with one of VibeCatch delegate, I would like to arrange a meeting with you together with Mrs. Sharon Rendlich, the CEO of STEPAHEAD in order to explore potential coop. Please contact me directly to +972-50-2668889

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